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Open Channel Foundation Contributor List

The following is a list of the main contributors to Open Channel Foundation.

Name Institution Role
Adopt This Application!, Open Channel Foundation Moderator
Ahluwalia, Rajesh Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Ashton, David Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Balay, Satish Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Bar-Gera, Hillel Ben Gurion University Moderator
Bazik, John Brown University Moderator
Benowitz, Eddie Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Bingham, Andrew Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Blanc, Michel Centre Multimédia Erasme Moderator
Booker, Lashon The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Brinza, David Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Burger, John The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Burleigh, Scott Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Buschelman, Kris Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Chan, Anthony Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Cheikes, Brant The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Clark, Terry University of Chicago Moderator
Craymer, Loring Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Crichton, Daniel Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Cuddy, David Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Curfman McInnes, Lois Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Czyzyk, Joseph Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Daffer, William Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
De Marzo, Angelo Johns Hopkins University Moderator
Deen, Robert Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
DeMore, Marti Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
DeSchepper, Edward Indiana University Moderator
Draghici, Sorin Wayne State University Contributor
Durst, Robert   Moderator
Elson, Lee Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
EPICS Program, The Purdue University Moderator
Feighery, Patrick The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Feigl, Kurt University of Wisconsin at Madison Moderator
Feric, Gordan Engineering Software Moderator
Fielding, Eric Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Finegan, James The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Forman, Royce Johnson Space Center Moderator
Fuller, Ryan Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Garrett, Henry Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Gawor, Jarek Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Gerhold, Michael Purdue University Moderator
Geyer, Howard Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Goodman, Brad The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Grace, Kevin The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Gropp, Bill Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Gupta, Kajal Dryden Flight Research Center Moderator
Hanks, David Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Hardman, Sean Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Here, Your Name Your Institution Here Moderator
Herring, Thomas Kennedy Space Center Contributor
Hirschman, Helen Kimball Open Channel Foundation Contributor
Horta, Lucas Langley Research Center Contributor
Howard, Ayanna Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Howard, Jeffrey Northern State University Moderator
Hua, Hook Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Hughes, Steve Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Hughzer, Simone   Moderator
Hussey, Kevin Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Jain, Abhinandan   Moderator
Jenkins, Steven Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Jenkins, Tom The Mitre Corporation Contributor
Johnson, Wesley Kennedy Space Center Moderator
Johnson, Dave The Mitre Corporation Contributor
Juang, Jer-Nan Langley Research Center Moderator
Katz, Daniel S. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Kaukler, William University of Alabama in Huntsville Moderator
Kaushik, Dinesh Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Kazanzides, Peter Johns Hopkins University Moderator
Kelly, Sean Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Ketter, Wolf University of Minnesota Moderator
Khatri, Purvesh Wayne State University Contributor
kim, wousik Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Klimck, Gerhard Purdue University Moderator
Knepley, Matthew Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Ko, Patrick Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Krawetz, Stephen A. Wayne State University Contributor
Krishnaprasad, Naveen University of Illinois at Chicago Contributor
Krist, John Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
KRU Hollywood, Muriel   Moderator
Kumar, Subodh Johns Hopkins University Moderator
Lane, John Kennedy Space Center Moderator
Lee, Seungwon Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Leigh, Jason University of Illinois at Chicago Moderator
Levoe, Steve Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Li, Peggy Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Livesey, Nathaniel Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Lohman, Rowena California Institute of Technology Contributor
Lokka, John Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Lou, John Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Lovvik, Paul Sun Microsystems Contributor
Lusk, Rusty Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Lux, Jim Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Lyzenga, Greg Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Mansigian, Joseph InterModel Learning Moderator
Martin, Rui Pires Wayne State University Contributor
Mattmann, Chris Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Mazzoni, Dominic Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
McCleese, Sean Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
McPherson, Lynn The Mitre Corporation Contributor
Mehotra, Sanjay Northwestern University Contributor
Meyer, Donald Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Miller, David Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Moderator
Morgan, James Johns Hopkins University Contributor
Nayak, Atul University of Illinois at Chicago Moderator
Nelson, David Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Niessner, Al Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Nikora, Allen Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Norton, Charles D. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Oleg, Pariser Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Omelchenko, Anna The Scripps Research Institute Moderator
Orton, Martin Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Orton, Martin Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Osterlund, Robert University of Chicago Moderator
Ostermeier, Chuck Wayne State University Contributor
P9E, Team   Moderator
Parker, Jay Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Peltzer, Gilles UCLA Contributor
Pritchard, Matthew California Institute of Technology Contributor
Ramirez, Paul Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Rheingans, Brian Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Rieg, Frank University of Bayreuth Moderator
Ring, Keven The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Rogez, François Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Rosen, Paul Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Sabbouh, Marwan The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Schmidt, David   Moderator
Schwartz, Michael Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
SCIRun, Developer University of Utah Contributor
Scott, L. Ridgway University of Chicago Contributor
Scott, Keith The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Shaffer, Don   Moderator
Shaffer, Scott Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Siegel, Herb Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Silfen, Judith   Moderator
Simons, Mark California Institute of Technology Contributor
Smith, Barry Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Springer, Paul Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Stalnaker, Dale John H. Glenn Research Center Moderator
Stenn, Harlan PFCS Corporation Moderator
Stough, Tim Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Swider, Debbie Argonne National Laboratory Contributor
Tavenner, Bernie SAIC Contributor
Thakur, Rajeev Argonne National Laboratory Moderator
Thaller, Tom Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Thompson, Charles Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Thomson, Duncan The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Tisdale, E. Robert Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Toole, Nicholas Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Tran, Thuy Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Uchenik, Igor Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
USGS Software, U.S. Geological Survey Moderator
Vaidehi, Nagarajan   Moderator
Val, Sebastian Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Valencia, J. Emilio Kennedy Space Center Moderator
Venkataraman, Shalini University of Illinois at Chicago Moderator
Wagner, Michael Old Dominion University Contributor
Walker, Chuck Kennedy Space Center Moderator
Weatherly, Richard The Mitre Corporation Contributor
Whalley, Joe The Mitre Corporation Moderator
Wolgast, Paul Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moderator
Wong, Cynthia Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributor
Wright, Stephen University of Wisconsin at Madison Moderator
York, David John H. Glenn Research Center Moderator
Zhang, Hong Argonne National Laboratory Contributor

Discipline List
Aerodynamics Applications
Antenna Design and Satellite Communications
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Chemistry and Thermodynamics
Collaborative Applications
Coming Soon
Crack Growth and Fatigue Analysis
Education and Training Software
Engineering Applications
Finite Element Analysis
Graphics Software
Internet Applications
Networking Applications
Optics and Lasers
Parallel Computing
Programming Tools
Project Management
Radar Imaging
Ray Tracing Applications
Reliability Analysis
Remote Sensing
Security Applications
Simulation and Modeling
Spacecraft Design and Space Missions
System Identification
Systems Engineering
Thermal Tools
Trajectories and Orbital Mechanics
Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
Visualization and Virtual Reality

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